What Is The Average Phlebotomist Salary You Can Expect To Make?

Many times, before someone makes a decision to join any given career, they are very interested in knowing how much they will be paid if they start working. This article is geared towards explaining this very matter in relation to the work of Phlebotomists.

There is a wide difference between the earnings of a Phlebotomy technician who is certified and one who is not certified, just as there is a difference between the salary of a Phlebotomist who is experienced and the one who has just completed training. These and many other factors cause variation in earning potential and the figures can get skewed widely to extremes to reflect these differences.

Of course the element of where one is working also matters since the lab technician salary structures will vary from one organization to another. Someone working for a non-profit organization will not earn as much as one who is working for a cutting edge research facility.

Another factor that affects the phlebotomist salary is what additional training a technician has undergone. This is because additional training means such a person can competently carry out extra duties so these imply that more pay will be accessed by such an individual. Extra training includes courses in blood banking, cytotechnology, among others.

Blood bankers for example are closely related to Phlebotomists and their average salary is approximately $59,500 a year for a staff-level job. Getting to become a blood banker requires the addition of just a few more skills to basic Phlebotomist abilities yet the jump in income is massive. Getting extra training is good for your earning potential.phlebotomist salary

On the strength of certification alone, someone who has obtained this document will earn anywhere in the region of $53,000 a year, a far cry from one who has not been certified. The average pay for a non-certified Phlebotomist is approximately $28,000.

Further variations in pay also stem from whether one is at just the level of a staff member or has risen in responsibility to supervisory levels. An entry level staff member in this field earns about $28,000 a year while a supervisor earns almost $48,000 a year. It pays to take up responsibility!

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for Phlebotomist technicians is likely to grow by at least 15% by the year 2020. This is good news for those joining this area of employment because it is a known fact that if demand exceeds supply, the cost of that product or service goes up.

This means that chances are high that the earnings of qualified phlebotomy technicians will keep going up. This outlook is given more credibility by statistics that put the current shortage of Phlebotomists at a national average of 7.9%, with some states having a bigger shortfall than the average stated.


Everything in life grows, so do salaries. Much as the starting salary of a new Phlebotomist may not be glamorous, there are opportunities to gain experience, acquire more skills, as well as grow within the organization you are working for. All these come with the attendant increases in payment so just get in, be dedicated, learn all you can and the money will follow you.

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